Special Needs Assessment for Dyscalculia

#1 in S3 Guideline until 2023

S3 is the highest level of guideline development, combining rationale, evidence, consensus, decision and outcome analysis. Evidence-based with scientific literature systematically researched, evaluated and critically discussed. Consensus was from a representative panel of 19 associations. The resulting #1 rank for CODY-M 2-4 took into account both research and practice and reflects the common opinion of the guidelines committee.

Grade: 2 – 4 grade (norms for 1st and 2nd half of school year)
Languages: English, Finnish, German
CODY-M 2-4: detects four dyscalculia relevant aspects: core markers (Dot Enumeration, Magnitude Comparison (symbolic and mixed), number processing skills, calculation skills, and working memory
12 Subtests: plus a control test for reaction time
Qualification level: B
Completion time: 30-45 minutes, including instructions
Digital: administration, scoring and reporting
Test manual: 40 pages, paperback print edition or digital
Data protection: strictest GDPR compliance
Rating scale: concise yet well explained and illustrated

App and Online

Administer with Android and Apple devices as well as PC and Mac. Use as many devices as you’d like. Norm automatically adjusts based on device.

Instructions for 12 time-limited subtests are presented auditorily, including animated sample questions, with native-language voice actors. Instructions were created for children who may struggle with reading, language skills or English, Finnish or German as a second language. Allows screening of individuals, groups and 25,000+ educational study participants. Safe assessment environment for children. No advertising.

Overview of Subtests

Suitable for beginning of second until end of fourth grade

  • Core markers

    Dot enumeration, magnitude comparison (symbolic and mixed)

  • Number processing

    Transcoding, number sets, number line, missing number

  • Calculation

    Addition, subtraction, multiplication, place holders

  • Working memory

    Matrix span

Download and Install

Try the assessment for free. No commitments. Administer with Android and Apple devices, smartphones and tablets as well as PC and Mac. Headphones are suggested if administered in a group. PC and Mac versions require a mouse or touchpad.

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Pricing and Ordering

Manuals, digital scoring and reporting, and starter packets can be purchased through Hogrefe, one of our distribution partners.

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The test-retest reliability of the total score is good (rtt = .88). The result refers to the PC version, with a retest interval of approx. two weeks (N = 102). The test-retest reliability of the four subscales ranges between .61 and .85. Detailed information about the reliability and validity can be found in the test manual.

Authors: Jörg-Tobias Kuhn, Christin Schwenk, Julia Raddatz, Christian Dobel, Heinz Holling

Instructional Video