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Motivational learning app based on newest research

Safe learning for children 6-12 years. Start now with free access for 4 days. No commitments. Trial ends automatically.

Motivational and Engaging: Blend of English characters from America, Canada and England. Targets exact areas of struggle. Adapts and levels in real time – not too easy or difficult. No frustration or boredom.

Designed for Children: Training is embedded in a beautifully animated story and incorporates growth mindset and positive reinforcement.

Clever Concept: Recommended 3 times a week for only 30 minutes. Comprehensive training with 19 exercises. Up to 3 children per family.

Follow Progress: Detailed training results after every training. Fun progress check every 5 days. Comprehensive assessment with new training plan every 30 days.

CODY Math Assessment: CODY-M 2-4 detects dyscalculia (math weakness) relevant aspects: core markers, number processing, calculation and working memory. Automatically administered every 30 days with your subscription.

Success After a Short Time: More confidence in math and success in calculation and working memory within days. Read our app store reviews from parents.

“When can I play Meister Cody again?”

Every day ends with an exciting cliffhanger. Spoiler alert! Some children beg their parents to call us to find out what happens next.

Meister Cody can be installed on as many Android, Kindle and Apple devices as you like. Up to 3 children’s training plan, leveling, coins and garden are automatically saved. Safe place for your child to learn. Security you can trust. No advertising.

Educational Research

Researchers at several universities continually evaluate Meister Cody in scientific studies. Results flow into the product and are presented at conferences for international educational research and published in peer-reviewed journals. We’re a child first company.

  • Prof. Dr. Jörg-Tobias Kuhn

    At TU Dortmund University, he uses empirical research methods in education to the benefit of children with math weakness and dyscalculia. Author of our CODY math assessment, called CODY-M 2-4, which is included in your subscription for Meister Cody – Talasia.

  • Results

    Our positive training effects were proven in scientific studies resulting in the award of the Transfer Prize for exemplary collaboration between university and non-university partners.

  • #1 choice of over 19 medical and pedagogy associations

    Meister Cody – Talasa is a clinical diagnosis and invervention that’s actually fun, engaging and motivational. We’re always there for your child plus we’re a serious instrument for educational research studies.

Parent Manual

Details about our subscription. For pricing in your country, see your local app store.

Free download manual for parents. Still have questions? Here are FAQs.

Help your child improve in math.

Foster a growth mindset to improve and succeed in math.

Free instant access for 4 days. No commitments. Trial ends automatically. Pricing for your country is shown in your local app store.

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Blended Learning

Professionals use Meister Cody as part of blended learning and therapy for dyscalculia treatment. CODY-M 2-4 is a diagnosis tool that’s included in our intervention.

Blended Learning