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Dear Dyscalculia Treatment Professionals,

We’re thankful for your consideration of Meister Cody as part of your treatment or blended learning plan. Combine the flexibility of our online instruction with your physical learning place.

With 19 scientifically-validated training exercises, we give our powerful pro version for free to degreed or licensed professionals for the treatment of dyscalculia.

Since you know your children best, you decide how to mindfully pair our digital resources to learning outcomes. Choose from any combination of diagnostic, intervention and progress tools. We are child first, advertising free and we offer strictest GDPR data privacy for children.

Your feedback is actively sought and suggested improvements are launched at least once a month.

We’re happy to share various ways your colleagues incorporate Meister Cody in their treatment plans and blended learning.

Please contact us if you’re interested. We’d truly appreciate your partnership. No commitments or contracts.

All the Best,
Markus Schütze and the Meister Cody team

Meister Cody
Assessment and learning game for dyscalculia treatment

App and online intervention based on newest research

For children who train at home, a 30-minute training day consists of an animated motivational story, 2 separate training exercises, a cliffhanger story and bonus garden and stickerbook. Professionals usually prefer to select a specific training exercise and level and allow the child to play for 5 minutes at the end of their therapy session.

Professionals also prefer to administer CODY-LM. Based on the robust indicator approach, this new progress monitoring instrument captures the development in arithmetic fact knowledge (addition and subtraction up to 20) and numerical order processing (up to 100). Our validated high speed, high stakes assessment takes 5 minutes.

Meister Cody – Talasia

Download the free app for your Android, Apple devices, smartphones or Kindle. Contact us to receive free pro status with extra super powers that are only available for degreed or licensed professionals.

  • 19 dyscalculia exercises

    A hyper focus on individual components or choose the big picture. You decide.

  • Your Expertise

    Choose and combine training exercises and administer precise leveling as you see fit.

Meister Cody – Testcenter

Special needs assessment tool for early dyscalculia diagnostic.

Administer with Android and Apple devices as well as PC and Mac. Use as many devices as you wish. Norm automatically adjusts according to device.

CODY-LM is free. CODY-M 2-4 manuals, digital scoring and reporting, and starter packets can be purchased through Hogrefe, one of our distribution partners. Pricing for your country is shown under international websites.

  • Child engagement

    Consistent design elements and coloring scheme, lovingly-created graphics. As motivational as possible without distraction.

  • Better Insights with Fewer Questions

    Reduces burden during assessment while still providing data you need.

  • Ongoing and Constant

    CODY-LM may be administered every 5 days and has strong predictive insights of CODY-M 2-4, which may be administered every 30 days.

Database of Treatment Professionals

Allow parents to find degreed or licensed professionals in their community.

  • Promote Yourself

    Send your logo, photo and information about your treatment. We’ll put the information on our website for parents.

  • Connections Made Easy

    Parents can easily learn about your practice and make contact.

Handbook for Professionals

Details about integrating Meister Cody in your treatment plan. Free download for professionals. Still have questions? Here are FAQs.

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We support our degreed or licensed professionals who devote themselves to dyscalculia treatment. Contact us today to be added to our website at no cost.

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