Research-Based Math Training for Your Child

  • Develops both math skills and abilities
  • Personalizes training and reports progress
  • Created for grade school children

CODY Training Benefits

Math Game for your Child

It’s adaptive and engaging.

The program adapts to your child’s performance. The math training is embedded in a beautifully animated story and incorporates positive reinforcement.

 Comprehensive math learning and training

It’s scientifically validated and comprehensive.

Meister Cody rapidly accelerates children’s math skills in just 6 weeks. Daily reports show your child’s progress across 19 training exercises, while long-term growth is tracked with our CODY assessment.

Fighting Dyscalculia, Learn Math anywhere and everywhere

It’s available anytime, anywhere

At school, at home, or on holiday. Meister Cody is available on Windows/Mac, iOS, and Android. Accessible on both computers and tablets.

Meister Cody – Research Based Math Training

Our Story

Meister Cody is a result of a 6-year project that partnered researchers with game makers, known as CODY (computer-aided math training for children), Meister Cody was developed at University of Münster with inspiration from researchers throughout Europe.

Our Research

Dr. Jörg-Tobias Kuhn and his research team wanted to help children with dyscalculia and math weakness, leading him to create Meister Cody. Dr. Kuhn’s research, including a randomized control trial, is linked below. There you can read more about the substantial gains made by the children who worked on Meister Cody.

Our Mission

Meister Cody is increasing math skills and abilities worldwide by diagnosing and helping children with dyscalculia and math difficulty. We’re also continuing our work with the leading minds from universities and research hospitals to develop new digital therapies.

The exercises at a glance
Want to increase your child’s math ability?
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