MeisterCody - Talasia

At Least 10 Weeks Training
3 x per Week, 30 Minutes per Day

Each child experiences two phases on the journey through Talasia, both narrated by their guides Princess Namea and Prince Fandales.

Phase One: Cody Math Assessment (CODY-M 2-4)

This phase is comprised of an optional 40-minute assessment. The Cody Math Assessment (CODY-M 2-4) screens for dyscalculia and math weakness. Since the goal of the assessment is to evaluate current performance, it will not tell the child if a question was answered correctly or incorrectly. This assessment is scientifically validated and well published for its accuracy. Training is customized based on your child's assessment. Every 30 days your child will be prompted to earn bonus coins by taking the assessment. Each time, the training is further customized.

Phase Two: Training

Now the fun begins! Your child is ready to start the journey through the magical and motivational world of Talasia. To maximize benefits our researchers recommend children working on the program 30 minutes a day, three days a week, for a minimum of ten weeks.

Exercises at a Glance

Exceptional Partners on our Side

The training concept for Meister Cody - Namagi was developed by Prof. Dr. Gerd Schulte-Körne, Dr. Kristina Moll, Dr. Sini Huemer and their team.
The training concept for Meister Cody - Talasia was developed by Prof. Dr. Jörg-Tobias Kuhn and his team.