About Meister Cody

Our mission

Help children learn with fun

Meister Cody provides parents, teachers and therapists an award-winning, clever training concept that’s proven through research studies to improve math, reading and writing skills of elementary and primary school children.

Meister Cody is an integral part of dyslexia and dyscalculia therapy. We partner in close cooperation with leading scientists, researchers, psychologists and pedagogic experts and listen carefully to our users. Through this feedback loop, we improve our concept every day and ensure our products always lead with latest research.

Our milestones

The power of incrementalism. Working day by day over years to help children

  • December 2010

    University of Münster receives federal education grant for dyscalculia research

  • March 2011

    Meister Cody’s first version, called Talasia, is launched for pilot research study

  • January 2013

    Due to excellence, University of Münster receives another federal education grant for dyscalculia research

  • August 2013

    Talasia wins Vodafone Smart Solutions Award

  • May 2016

    Thrilled to reach 100,000 users

  • August 2016

    Meister Cody launches Namagi to help children with dyslexia

  • July 2017

    Meister Cody is # 1 top-grossing educational app on Google Play

  • March 2018

    Meister Cody is #1 diagnostic in Germany’s clinical practice guidelines until 2023

  • June 2018

    Launch first version of Meister Cody – Testcenter for dyscalculia treatment professionals

  • February 2019

    Mit Meister Cody – Schule geht unsere Profilösungen für Schulen und Therapiepraxen an den Start.

  • Juli 2019

    Die neue Geschichte “Der schreckliche Bob” findet ihren Weg in Meister Cody.

Our Team

Inventive, dynamic and friendly

Meister Cody

Magician & Traveler

On my travels, I help children from around the world with my knowledge of math and reading/writing

Princess Namea


I love adventure and my wonderful Land of Talasia.

Prince Fandales


I know that we can accomplish anything together.


Backend Developer

I try to have fun in every aspect of my life. So I’d like to bring fun to children’s learning.


Creative Director

I want to use my abilities to make things that amaze children, make them happy or help them in life.


Marketing & Support

For me our customers have highest priority – especially when it comes to children. I make our products known and top of mind.


Marketing & Support

Motivation is what excites me about our products. My mission is to share this excitement and passion.



I’m a sculptor. My medium is how we shape people and people shape us.


Unity Developer

While programming, I always keep an eye on the design of our products. Beautiful things with a great function are so much more fun!


Lead Developer

I’d like to bring our products to every household by creating intuitive software for daily life and making the complex things in life simple.


CEO & Founder

I like to create possibilities that help everyone.